Starting Point for EMP - Nature Deficit Disorder

 (The National Trust Magazine, January 2011)

There is a major concern amongst researchers, naturalists and child pyschologists (to name just a few) surrounding, what has been coined, 'Nature Defecit Disorder'. Research has revealed that in todays world children gain less contact with nature than ever before. Obviously, this has a physical affect upon children; there is undoubtedly a correlation between the growing rate of obese children and their diminishing contact with the outdoors. Researchers have also been studying how nature (or a lack of it) affects the emotional and pyschological state of the child.

I have always had a strong connection with nature, wildlife and the outdoors. Nature is something that has played and continues to play a large role in my life, so the articles on 'Nature Deficit Disorder' have interested me hugely. To think of children today not being able to enjoy our world in the way that I have is quite depressing!

This all got me thinking how I might so my little bit to try and prevent children from becoming even more distant from nature. All my research so far and previous projects make me feel that like a children's 'guide book' for nature or gardening would be the most natural, satisfying and enjoyable route for me to take. I am excited to see how the project is going to evolve and change!

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