Below is a family portrait of the final characters I have chosen to base my EMP book around; Nana, Grampy, Olive and Willem. I wanted to create an image which each character is included within, to make sure that they work together, in terms of colours, appearence, size etc, which I think they do! Yipee!


A few of my fellow AUCB illustrators and myself made an alternative 'recipe book', take a look by clicking on the link below...



Useful Blogs

There are so many blogs that I have used as research for this project. These blogs have given me such encouragement, by proving to me that so many people care about the subject of children and nature. The creators and followers of these blogs share my passion and interest in the topic and have inspired my efforts to try and encourage change.

So for any of you who share my interests in the topic, here are the links to these websites: