I took a trip to about 8 different London gardens, parks, and nature reserves. I went in search of ideas for the content of my book (such as how to best make use of small outdoor areas, how to attract wildlife, what to look out for, how to spot things and so on.) I also wanted to gather some imagery which I could base my illustrations upon, people enjoying the outdoor spaces, the way things were constructed etc. My main aim was to really build a sound and thorough understanding of 'urban nature'.

Above left: a photo from Camley Street Nature Reserve. To one side of the park was Regent's Canal and this industrial-looking building and to the other was Kings Cross St. Pancras. Seemed such an unlikely place to have such a peaceful space. Probably the most built  up area but the most natural park of all of my visits. Above right: Some bird boxes at Abney Park.

Above left and below: I am really interested in the juxtaposition between the natural and the urban in these images. The images capture what I want to demonstrate within my book: that  these two opposites can in fact live in harmony with one another.

I want to look more closely at different angles and viewpoints within my illustrations for this project and this image may perhaps be a starting point for this.

A very encouraging clip:


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