A nice little quote and illustration I just found while doing some artist research. I tend to get a bit scared by a new project, not knowing where to start and not liking to put 'unpolished' images into my sketchbook to be marked....but I know that this experimental stage is vital if I am to produce anything successful at the end. So now I am off to do some doodles, keeping the above quote in mind and just seeing where my drawings lead me!


Bed Time Reading

I thought I ought to brush up on my knowledge of saving the environment, so I can actually have a chance of informing my target audience. Most people know about the basics, recycling, walking instead of driving etc etc, but hopefully I can offer children (and parents) some more inventive methods of sustainability via my work.

Flicking through the pages of these books makes me even more certain about my chosen topic for this project; the layouts, images and general design of all these books are all so 80's (or what at least what I would imagine an 80's book design to be). Although these books are not aimed at children, I'm pretty sure a lot of adults would get more out of a book which is aesthetically pleasing and be more likely to purchase it in the first place?

Feel a bit mean to whoever designed these books now, sorry : (

First Level 6 Project - Negotiated Practise

It has taken a LOT of internet searches but I have finally found an appropriate brief for my first project of third year, hoorah! We had to find competitions to enter which would help develop our speciality subject area (mine being childrens book illustration).
I wanted the project to have some personal relevence to my life (much easier to create something when you like the topic!) so I tried to find a brief related to nature/the environment or something along those lines:


The only problem with that is the entry fee - £125 : o and the deadline - 22nd October : o

So I thought, I will use this brief as a basis for my work still, but enter the final piece into another competition, one where the brief is more open....and not so close...and cheaper : )



A Few Bits from Second Year : )

Below is my final piece for a project based upon 'narratives', an A1 size poster which was inspired by a local museum.

Not much was mentioned about the underlying narratives of the various objects exhibited in the museum. Many of them had associations with various industrial and social developments, but there was not much literature to enlighten visitors of the museum about their historical importance.

I wanted the piece to attract and involve a young audience (the sort of visitors, which I thought would be put off by large chunks of text!). I used numerous methods to try and do so, with arrows to follow, flaps to lift to reveal more information etc.

Oops, photo bit dark, but you get the idea : )  

Here is a sketchbook spread from the same project. I loveeee sketchbooking and think it's a waste for all that work not to be shown! I think a lot of my third year work will be based upon books, leaflets etc, think they are always my most successful pieces : )