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I found an article in The Times titled, 'How to Let Your Kids Off the Leash', it discussed a lot of the concerns I have about Nature Deficit Disorder. The text also introduced me to some new ideas that I am now willing to explore.

I want to ensure that I gain a really thorough knowledge of Nature Deficit Disorder and the topics which surround it. This will hopefully help to create a well-informed final piece which successfully achieves it's purpose. During this project I want to expand the breadth of my research, not only relying on secondary resources, but more direct primary resources too. By doing so I hope to generate some more innovative, complex and unusual ideas to help develop my work.

The article in The Times introduced me to a lot of new names in the world of child psychology, child development and nature experts. I contacted Professor Tanya Byron to try and gather more detailed information for my project, I was advised to contact leading childhood 'thinker'  Tim Gill. Tim gave answered all of my questions so thoroughly, he was so helpful! I gained a much better insight into those aspects of the subject that I am concerned with covering in my project.

Tanya and Tim were so kind to offer me so much help, here are their websites:



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