Book Front Cover Design

This is the initial plan for my front cover design. I need to tweak a few bits but I'm pretty happy with the general idea : ) Also... in my sketchbook this design has a nice little border around it, but me sketchbook was to hugemungous for the scanner and it didn't show up fully.

Had a really helpful tutorial with children's book illustrator Salvatore Rubbino today. Discussed my worries about the writing part of my book. He gave me the very true advice that children love silly words - therefore I will be trying to incorporate as many of these as  possible! 

I had my first day of work experience at a lovely little primary school in Southbourne today, the children are adorable - maybe I should listen in on their conversations in the hope that they might help me on the silly word front! 

Toodle pip for now!


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  1. I love your illustration style for these last two projects - really unique and looks awesome with the typography.

    Did you just use fineliner? I always have a problem getting line drawings to look really crisp. Maybe my scanner's just rubbish but the paper is always really visible unless I spend ages on photoshop getting rid of background junk.